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Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Read the given subtraction word problems. Find the answers to following addition and subtraction word problems. Check your answers by hitting the ‘Check Answers’ button.

1 Jess is 2 years old. Beth is 9 years older than Jess. How old is Beth?
2 Sandy had 15 cupcakes. She gave 8 of them to Mandy. How many cupcakes does Sandy have left?
3 There are 13 red apples and 8 green apples in a basket. How many more red apples are there than green apples?
4 Joshua had 28 marbles. Her sister gave her another 15 marbles. How many marbles does Jousha have in all now?
5 Grace bought 5 stamps. Alan bought 9 more stamps than Grace. How many stamps did Alan buy?
6 Mother bought 15 eggs. 4 of them were broken. How many were not broken?
7 Flora had 17 guinea pigs. She gave 9 guinea pigs away. How many guinea pigs does she have left now?
8 There are 7 men and 8 more women than men on a bus. How many women are there on the bus?
9 Thomas bought 8 goldfish and 11 angelfish for his pond. How many fishes are there altogether in Thomas's pond?
10 There are 29 books on a table. 7 of them are French books and the rest are English. How many English books are there?