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Combustion Facts Burning and Change

In this lesson you can learn about Combustion Facts. Combustion simply means burning. It is a process which needs several factors to take place.


Combustion Facts


What is the name given for burning in science?




What are the things that can burn quickly?


Following is a list of flammable things that can burn quickly;



What is happening in a lighted candle?


The wax on and around the wick melts. Some of the wax boils and gives off a gas which catches fire. This produces heat which melts more wax. This boils and gives off more gas which continues burning. In a lighted candle, it is burning gas which produces the flame.


What is the gas required for burning?




What are formed in burning?


Chemicals called oxides

What are produced in burning?


  • Light
  • Heat
  • Flames
  • Gases
  • Smoke


What are the main factors needed for burning?


  • Fuel
  • Oxygen
  • Heat (The certain temperature of a burning substance)


The fire triangle is a diagram that shows the three things needed for a fire to start and keep going.


combustion The Fire Triangle

The Fire Triangle


What is meant by the ‘certain temperature of a burning substance’?


Burning substances need to be heated to a certain temperature before they will burn. This temperature is the certain temperature of a burning substance.


Burning Fuels


What are fuels?


A fuel is a material that is used to produce heat and other forms of energy.

E.g. – Wood and Charcoal


What happens when wood burns?


Things produced in burning are ash smoke and gasses

Things produced when wood burns


How is charcoal made?


Wood is burnt in a special oven called kilnThat oven gets less oxygen than usual. Therefore the wood does not burn completely to leave ash. Instead a black substance is made called, ‘charcoal’.


What are the uses of charcoal?

Following is a list of things that we can do with charcoal;


  • For cooking
  • For heating
  • For making metals from their ores
  • For drawing
  • For making paints
  • For making paper
  • For making inks
  • For making rubber
  • For making gunpowder
  • For making firecrackers