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Year 1 Literacy Skills

The K8 School, Year 1 Literacy Skills section has a list of Year 1 English School Lessons Activities Worksheets. Find these out in our grammar, comprehension, spelling, phonics and writing skills sections. Also, all our work in this section suit the first grader's basic literacy skills. So, let's do it! Enjoy your study time kids!

Year 1 Comprehension

The K8 School Year 1 Comprehension skills activities improve child’s reading and understanding ability. Use these free, online printable worksheets to practice and enhance reading and writing skills and vocabulary.

Year 1 Grammar

The K8 School Year 1 Grammar activities help expanding child’s knowledge in English Grammar. Children can enjoy various online activities while enhancing their understanding in basic areas of English grammar.

Year 1 Spelling

The K8 School Year 1 Spelling section consists of activities that help the child improve his knowledge in spelling. Phonics activities are also available in order to support learn in spelling. Enjoy your spelling with The K8 School!

Year 1 Writing

The K8 School Year 1 Writing Skills activities include many rearranging jumbled words activities in order to improve children’s ability of making proper sentences. Kids will love shuffling words so as to get a meaningful sentences. Enjoy!

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