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Comprehension Skills The Greedy Dog

Comprehension Skills The Greedy Dog: Read the given story and answer the questions. Hit the ‘Check Answers’ button to correct your answers of Comprehension Skills The Greedy Dog.

This lesson helps to improve the child’s English comprehension skills. Grow your reading comprehension skills and English writing answers skills with our reading comprehension skills worksheets.

The Greedy Dog


Once, there was a greedy dog called Rodger. He was hungry all the time. One day Rodger was walking past the butcher’s market. He stopped at one of the meat stalls as he saw a big piece of meat. He stole the meat and ran away.


While Rodger was searching for a better place to have his yummy meal, he came to a stream where he had to cross a bridge. He stopped for a while and looked in the water. What! He saw another dog carrying a bigger piece of meat than his one. In fact, it was his reflection which, he saw as another dog in the water. Now Rodger really wanted that piece of meat. Without thinking twice he quickly jumped into the water with his piece of meat in his mouth. But Alas! The meat fell out of his mouth and sank in the water as soon as he opened his mouth to bark at the missing dog. Finally, Rodger lost his delicious meal. He went away thinking about how foolish he was.


Moral: There’s no need to have it all, just make the best of what you have


(A) Write the missing words with the help of the given words.


(a) The dog's name was (Tom, Rodger, Blue).

(b) The dog was always (lazy, sleepy, hungry).

(c) Rodger stole a piece of (meat, cake, cheese).

(d) He saw another (cat, dog, goat) in the water.

(e) The meat (ran, jumped, fell) out of his mouth.


(B) Find the answers for the passage Comprehension Skills The Greedy Dog. Use the words given in the brackets.


(a) What did Rodger have to cross? Rodger had to cross a (bridge, river, road).

(b) What did Rodger see as another dog in the water? Rodger saw his (cousin, reflection, friend) as another dog in the water.

(c) What did Rodger do without thinking twice? Rodger (swam, barked, jumped) into the water without thinking twice.

(d) What happened to the piece of meat? The piece of meat (sank, floated, ran) in the water.

(e) What was Rodger thinking about when he went away? Rodger was thinking about his (braveness, foolishness, sadness) when he went away.


(C) What is the moral of this story?


(You must have it all, just make the best of having it all / There’s no need to have it all, just make the best of what you have / Be greedy and work hard to get more even if you loose)  

(D) Find and write another quote which gives the similar meaning to the above moral.


(If you are greedy, there is always more / Why not be greedy if you always want more / Never get greedy or you will loose because of yourself)

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