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English Comprehension Skills Activity 2 – The Crab and its Mother

English Comprehension Skills Activity 2: Read the following story and fill in the paragraphs given at the end of the story. Hit the ‘Check Answers’ button to correct your answers at the end of the exercise.


The Crab and its Mother

A mother crab said to her child; “Don’t walk sideways, dear, and don’t drag your claws crossways over the wet rocks”.

“Mother,” said the baby crab, “If you were to walk straight yourself, then I could walk behind and copy you.”

Moral: It is better to teach by example than by command.


Now, fill in the blanks with words taken from the story.


A mother (prawn/fish/crab) said to her child; "Don't walk (sideways/crossways/straight) dear, and don't drag your claws (sideways/crossways/straight) over the wet rocks".

The baby crab said, "Mother if you were to walk (sideways/crossways/straight) yourself, then I could walk (ahead/behind/about) and copy you."


Which idiom is suitable for the moral of this story? (mum's the word/new kid on the block/example is better than precept)



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