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English Comprehension Skills Activity 3

English Comprehension Skills Activity 3: Read the following story and fill in the paragraphs given at the end of the story. Hit the ‘Check Answers’ button to correct your answers in the end.

This lesson helps to improve the child’s English comprehension skills. How much of what you read do you actually understand? The reading ability to read text, process it, and understand its meaning or the act of understanding what you are reading is called reading comprehension. Each reading passage of our English comprehension skills worksheets, is followed by exercises which you can focus on recalling information directly from the text. Grow your reading comprehension skills and English writing answers skills with our reading comprehension skills worksheets.


A Mountain and a Mouse

Once there was a huge mountain where people lived at the foot of it. One day the mountain made a teribble noise, thundering and roaring, and the people were afraid, wondering what terrible monster was about to emerge.

When at last the mountain opened to reveal the cause of all the roaring, there appeared not a terrible monster, as they had feared, but a tiny, ridiculous mouse.



English Comprehension Skills Activity 3 Reading Comprehension


Moral: An awful fuss is often made about nothing.

Now, fill in the blanks with words taken from the story of English comprehension skills activity 3.


Once there was a huge(mountain/tree/lake) where people live at the(top/side/foot) of it. One day the mountain made a teribble(scream/noise/cry), thundering and(lightening/howling/roaring) and the people were afraid, wondering what terrible(giant/monster/creature) was about to emerge. But finally it was just a ridiculous (mouse/elephant/rabbit) who had frightened the people.


What is the moral of this story?
(an awful fuss is often made about nothing/a firm tree does not fear the storm/control your emotions or they will control you)


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