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Fats Quiz

Fats Quiz: Tick the correct answers.

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[{ "ques": "What are ‘fats’?", "answers": [{ "opt": "People who are fat","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "People who eat a lot","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Food that gives your body extra energy","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "None of the above","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What are the bad effects of eating too much of fats?", "answers": [{ "opt": "They make you fat","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "They raise the blood cholesterol level","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "They increase the risk of heart disease","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "All of the above","selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What are the two major types of fats?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Sugar and starch","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Plant fat and animal fat","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Animal fat and sugar","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Plant fat and starch","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What is the role of fats?", "answers": [{ "opt": "It helps to grow and develop a kid’s body","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "It helps to keep our body warm","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "It gives energy to the body","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "All of the above","selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Why do people in cold countries eat a lot of fatty food?", "answers": [{ "opt": "To be fat","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "To get more energy","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "To grow well","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "None of the above","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What is ‘blubber’?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Meat of seals","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Meat of whales","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "The layer of fat under the skin of whales","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Dried meat","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Tick the row of foods which contains plant fat.", "answers": [{ "opt": "nuts, peanuts, olive oil, coconut oil","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "palm oil, pasta, white sugar, canola oil","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "buns, peanuts, tomatoes, meat","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "nuts, oranges, biscuits, vegetables","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Tick the row of foods which contains animal fat.", "answers": [{ "opt": "nuts, cake, olive oil, sugar","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "palm oil, lollies, white sugar, canola oil","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "butter, milk, cheese, pork","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "nuts, oranges, biscuits, vegetables","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Fats should be the largest food group on our plates, because they give us extra energy. This statement is ..........", "answers": [{ "opt": "True","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "False","selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Oily foods are full of fats and not good to eat too much. This statement is ..........", "answers": [{ "opt": "True","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "False","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" } ]