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Year 1 Numeracy Skills

The K8 School provides 1st grade math worksheets, activities and lessons. Enjoy our Year 1 Numeracy Skills section with the basic mathematical concepts in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division. Also, Mixed Operations, Counting Numbers, Number Patterns, Ordering Numbers, Word Problems and so on.

Year 1 Addition

Our Year 1 addition worksheets and activities start with simple one digit addition and then progress to 2-digit addition, column addition and horizontal addition with online math help. The math help in each sum helps understanding the carrying method in addition visually.

Year 1 Counting Numbers

The K8 School Year 1 Counting Numbers activities include counting numbers exercises from two-digit to three-digit numbers. Children can identify the numbers by counting pictures. They also get the ability to read the numbers and match the correct numerals.

Year 1 Division

This section contains Year 1 Division worksheets and activities with horizontal division with the divisors from 2 to 12. Our Year 1 Division activities are available in both finding the quotient and the dividend activities.

Year 1 Mixed Operations

This section includes Mixed Operations activities with a mixture of all four operations, for example addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Answers can be corrected at the end of each activity. All activities are printable.

Year 1 Multiplication

The K8 School Year 1 Multiplication activities start with simple steps of multiplication and progressing up to 2-digit number multiplication. Children can enjoy many fun online multiplication worksheets.

Year 1 Number Patterns

Year 1 Number Patterns activities contain interesting activities in finding missing answers for each activity. It includes skip counting, number sequences, number puzzles and addition and subtraction worksheets to find missing numbers.

Year 1 Ordering Numbers

The K8 School Year 1 Ordering Numbers activities are designed to enhance numeracy skills in learning how to order numbers according to a sequence. These Ordering Numbers activities will lay the foundation for kids to learn various ways to order numbers.

Year 1 Subtraction

Our Year 1 Subtraction activities contain subtraction concepts such as regrouping, column and horizontal subtractions etc. Activities are designed with math help to visually grab the concepts so that children can easily understand the difficult areas in basic subtraction.

Year 1 Time

Learn 12-Hour clock time and 24-Hour clock time with The K8 School Year 1 Time activities. This section includes the time conversions of 12-Hour clock time into 24-Hour clock time and 24-Hour clock time into 12-Hour clock time.

Year 1 Word Problems

Here you can enjoy Year 1 Word Problem activities which are designed to enhance children’s basic problem solving skills in numeracy through various mathematical problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Year 1 Multiplication Lessons

Our Year 1 Multiplication lessons guide children in doing Multiplication activities. This contains Multiplication Tables charts and other Multiplication lessons which teach the concepts and methods of doing Multiplication operations.