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In our kindergarten worksheets section, kids gain skills in Maths and English. These skills help to improve kids' maths and English skills in early childhood. Kids will enjoy activities in number words, ordering numbers, greater than less than, addition, subtraction, counting numbers, missing numbers, shapes, words to make sentences, phonics, spelling and many more. Therefore, this section is for kids aged 4 to 5+. Let's make learning fun! So, Come on, have fun Kids!

Kindergarten Phonics

The K8 School Kindergarten Phonics train kids associating letters with their sound values. Also, children can get the help of the pictures so as to get clues. So, come with us to read letters and words! Enjoy your phonics with The K8 School!

Kindergarten Spelling

Kindergarten Spelling activities contain exercises, for example, rearranging jumbled letters to make words, word riddles, phonics, rhyming words, vowels etc., helping kindies to enhance their knowledge in spelling.

Kindergarten Writing

Kindergarten Writing activities include online practice activities to improve elementary level writing skills. Activities such as rearranging jumbled words help kids to organise a sentence by placing the given words in the correct order when it comes to writing.

Kindergarten Addition

The K8 School Kindergarten Addition activities contain interesting online exercises with fundamental Addition activities designed for the kindergarten to upgrade your kindy’s essential addition learning.

Kindergarten Counting Numbers

Our Kindergarten Counting Numbers activities contain printable counting worksheets to practice basic counting with objects and pictures. Kids will love to count, identify and match the correct numbers in the given activities.

Kindergarten Missing Numbers

The K8 School Kindergarten Missing Numbers activities contain problems where it asks the children to fill in the missing numbers in a series. Children can improve their knowledge in number patterns and sequences, numbers that come before, after or in between and so on.

Kindergarten Numbers

Kindergarten Numbers activities section comes with a list of activities that your child could learn even numbers, odd numbers, cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, skip counting, number patterns and so on.

Kindergarten Shapes

Kindergarten Shapes activities are ideal for any kindergarten learner assembling his insight into geometric shapes. Kids can learn about 2D shapes and 3D shapes with these activities. Attempt the following with your clever clogs.

Kindergarten Subtraction

Kindergarten Subtraction activities contain different interesting online activities based on basic math subtraction concepts designed for the kindergarten to enhance your kindy’s basic knowledge in subtraction.

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