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Multiplication Money Problems

Find the answers for the following Multiplication Money problems. Get your answers using your knowledge of 2, 3, 4 and 5 time tables. Don’t forget to type the ‘$’ (dollar sign) along with your money problems answer in order to get the correct answer e.g.- $17. Hit the ‘Check Answers’ button to get your answers corrected.


A gel pen costs $3. How much will it cost to buy 4 gel pens?


Jerry bought 5 chocolate muffins. Each cost $4. How much money did Jerry spend to buy the chocolate muffins?


Pam saves $2 per day. How much does she save in a week?


The price of a mango is $3. How much does it cost to buy 9 mangoes?


A packet of chips costs $2. Marry wants to buy 12 packets of chips. How much will it cost Marry to buy them?


Roger has 9 goldfish in his fish tank. He wants to sell them for $4 each. How much money will he get after selling his goldfish?


Mother bought 3 kilos of eggplants for $6 per kilo. How much did it cost mother to buy the eggplants?


A children's story book costs $5. Jamie bought 12 books for the school library. How much did he spend for the books?


Jane sold 12 packets of sweets on the St. Patrick's Day. If the price of one packet was $4, how much money did Jane earn by selling sweets?


The price of an adult ticket for the annual Country Show is $5. What is the cost of tickets for 7 adults?