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Present Simple Negative with Verb be 6

Present Simple Negative with Verb be 6: Make the following sentences negative by putting in isn’t (is not), ‘m not (am not) or aren’t (are not). Hit the ‘Check Answers’ button to correct your answers at the end of the worksheet.

Present Simple Negative with Verb be 6: Present Simple or Simple Present Tense with verb ‘be’ is used a lot in English. It can also be two types; Present Simple Positive and Present Simple Negative. Present Simple Positive with verb ‘be’ is used in a normal sentence with ‘is’, ‘am’ or ‘are’. Present Simple Negative with verb ‘be’ is used in sentences along with ‘not’. Practise present simple negative with verb ‘be’ with this worksheet.

{ "temp1settings": [{ "qtextcolor": "#000", "questiontype": "engsentence-1", "questioncolumns": "1" }], "temp1Description": [{ "questiondescription": "" }], "temp1Questions": [{ "textbefore": "Mrs. Parker's assignments ", "answer": "aren't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] hard to do." }, { "textbefore": "These apples", "answer": "aren't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] crunchy." }, { "textbefore": "Mr. Smith ", "answer": "isn't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] a retired engineer." }, { "textbefore": "They ", "answer": "aren't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] Egyptians." }, { "textbefore": "The Thomas brothers ", "answer": "aren't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] famous singers." }, { "textbefore": "Katy's mom ", "answer": "isn't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] in hospital." }, { "textbefore": "My grandfather ", "answer": "isn't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] a fan of the rock band 'Scorpions'." }, { "textbefore": "Gracie ", "answer": "isn't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] pretty without makeup." }, { "textbefore": "They ", "answer": "aren't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] in Sweden now." }, { "textbefore": "Frankie and Jen ", "answer": "aren't", "textafter": "[b][i](isn't / 'm not / aren't)[/b][/i] fond of action movies." } ] }