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Things in the Living room – Spellings by Rearranging Jumbled Letters

Learn the spellings of the things in the living room. Find the answers by rearranging the following jumbled letters. Your answer is corrected as soon as you rearrange each word correctly.

[{ "question": "c u s h i o n", "clue": "A soft bag or pillowcase filled with cotton, sponge, feathers etc." }, { "question": "c a r p e t s", "clue": "Floor coverings made of thick heavy fabric" }, { "question": "a r m c h a i r", "clue": "Chair with a support on each side for arms" }, { "question": "c u r t a i n s", "clue": " Hanging cloths used as blinds for windows" }, { "question": "f i r e p l a c e", "clue": "A place for a domestic fire at the base of a chimney" }, { "question": "l a m p s h a d e", "clue": "A protective shade used to cover a light bulb" }, { "question": "p a i n t i n g s", "clue": "Painted pictures that you hang on the wall" }, { "question": "b o o k c a s e", "clue": "This is used to keep books in an orderly manner" }, { "question": "l o u n g e", "clue": "A seat for more than one person" }, { "question": "t e l e v i s i o n", "clue": "We call this TV in short" }]