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Y3 Geography

Our Year 3 Geography section has Year 3 geography school lessons activities worksheets. You can know many facts about the world. So, let's give it a start! Have loads of fun while discovering about the world!

Year 3 Physical Geography

This is The K8 School section for Year 3 Physical Geography. There will be more lessons on rivers, climate, oceans, earth, Sun, hazards, mountains and also, many more in near future. Come let's enjoy learning with The K8 School!

Y3 Environmental Geography Lessons

Y3 Environmental Geography Lessons section gives a detailed account of the interactions between humans and the natural world. Hence, learn how the people change their environment and how the environment changes them. Join with The K8 School to learn more!

Y3 Human Geography Lessons

Human Geography or Cultural Geography, covers a broad area of human interactions. Under Human Geography you can enjoy lessons about urban, transportation and economic geography, which will come through this Y3 Geography lessons section very soon.

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