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About Us

The K8 School assists and encourages all kindergarten to year 5 students in accomplishing their high academic goals. The K8 School‘s aim is to support all elementary, middle school children in comprehending their school lessons in simple and interesting ways. We are hoping to cater another three more year levels, which are year 6, year 7 and year 8 with relevant school lessons in near future. Additionally, we are working on providing lessons and activities on Information & Communication Technology (ICT), and also worksheets and test papers for all the other subjects through The K8 School which you can enjoy very soon.



The K8 School for Kindergarten through year 5 uses proven online educational methods to reinforce what is taught in your child’s classroom and help develop vital skills right at home. Planned and reviewed by teachers, they complement the basic school curriculum in Mathematics, English, Science, Geography and History.



Lessons come alive with clearly marked, simple directions, appealing illustrations and a variety of self-motivating activities and exercises. All regrouping activities in addition and subtraction are introduced in innovative methods where child is able to absorb the concepts behind them without any doubts. The press-out learning activities for each lesson further enhances skill development. Child’s efforts and accomplishments are marked while the activities are done.


For Parents

For you, the parent, lessons are graded to help you choose the appropriate level for your child. Enrichment ideas in online learning, especially at home provide you and your child with a more memorable learning experience. Look for the sequenced title listing, by stage level or year level or subject, help your child to go ahead step by step.

So come join us in our mission of steering all our clever clogs to the victory.