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“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present’.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Present Simple Positive Exercise 9

Present Simple Positive Exercise 9: Complete the following sentences using the given words. Click the check answers button at the end to correct your answers.

{"temp1settings":[{"qtextcolor":"#000", "questiontype":"engsentence-1","questioncolumns":"1"}], "temp1Description":[{"questiondescription":""}], "temp1Questions":[ { "textbefore":"Charlie and Harry always ", "answer":"read", "textafter":"[b][i](read/reads/reading)[/b][/i] books." }, { "textbefore":"Anita ", "answer":"combs", "textafter":"[b][i](comb/combing/combs/combed)[/b][/i] her hair four times a day." }, { "textbefore":"Alfie ", "answer":"collects", "textafter":"[b][i](collected/collects/collecting/collect)[/b][/i] seashells as a hobby." }, { "textbefore":"A mother's position ", "answer":"demands", "textafter":"[b][i](demands/demanding/demand/demanded)[/b][/i] a lot of personal sacrifice." }, { "textbefore":"You ", "answer":"understand", "textafter":"[b][i](understanding/understands/understand/understood)[/b][/i] everything what she says, but not what I say." }, { "textbefore":"This book ", "answer":"covers", "textafter":"[b][i](cover/covers/covered/covering)[/b][/i] the whole syllabus of elementary level English." }, { "textbefore":"Florence ", "answer":"grows", "textafter":"[b][i](grown/grow/growing/grows)[/b][/i] vegetables in her backyard." }, { "textbefore":"Jade ", "answer":"fixes", "textafter":"[b][i](fixed/fix/fixing/fixes)[/b][/i] cars very well, but he is not a mechanic." }, { "textbefore":"They ", "answer":"release", "textafter":"[b][i](release/releases/releasing/released)[/b][/i] results two weeks after the examination." }, { "textbefore":"I like prawns, but I ", "answer":"feel", "textafter":"[b][i](felt/feels/feeling/feel)[/b][/i] terrible after I eat them." } ]}