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Year 4 Grammar

Practise our free, printable Year 4 Grammar activities to support your child to develop his English Grammar skills. This section includes essential grammar exercises which provide the child a better understanding in grammar.

Irregular Verbs Worksheet 10
Irregular Verbs Worksheet 9
Irregular Verbs Worksheet 8
Irregular Verbs Worksheet 7
Irregular Verbs Worksheet 6
List of Irregular Verbs
Similes Activity 15
Similes Activity 14
Similes Activity 13
Similes Activity 12
Similes Activity 11
Similes Activity 10
Similes Activity 9
Similes Activity 8
Similes Activity 7
Similes Activity 6
Irregular Plural Nouns 5
Present Simple Negative Exercise 10
Present Simple Positive Exercise 9
Present Simple Negative Exercise 9
Present Simple Positive Exercise 8
Present Simple Positive Exercise 7
Present Simple Negative Exercise 8
Present Simple Negative Exercise 7
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