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Adjectives Worksheets 2

Adjectives Worksheets 2: Find the adjectives in the sentences and write it in the blank provided. Hit the ‘Click to Read More’ button to follow the example. Free English Grammar Worksheets for everyone.

Adjectives Worksheets 2 – Free English Grammar Worksheets

If we want to describe a noun or a pronoun, we have to use adjectives. Adjectives are describing words. Adjectives are used to describe words. These words are usually nouns and pronouns. Adjectives describe how things look, feel, act, sound and taste. It is easy to identify an adjective in a sentence as they are placed immediately before the nouns or pronouns that they modify.

Adjectives examples 1:

It is a huge sofa.

Adjective : huge

The word ‘huge’ explains the size of the noun, ‘sofa’.

Adjectives make your speaking or piece of writing more specific and interesting and this is important to express yourself clearly.

Beautiful, kind, pink, awful, big, tall, smart, sour, many, a few, less, little and many more words like these act as adjectives. A sentence can have more than one adjectives.

Adjectives examples 2:

Mr. Wayne, who is the richest, kindest and most generous man in this little suburb, was a homeless person a few years ago.

How many adjectives can you count in the above sentence? Yes, there are six adjectives in this sentence. This list of adjectives is; richest, kindest, most generous, little, homeless and a few. When there are adjectives together in a sentence, they should be separated with commas or conjunctions like ‘and’.

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