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Arranging Scrambled Words to Make Sentences 6

Arranging Scrambled Words to Make Sentences 6: Make meaningful sentences by rearranging the jumbled words. Each answer is corrected as soon as you rearrange each sentence correctly.

Arranging Scrambled Words to Make Sentences 6

This exercise includes sentences with words in the wrong order and kids have to put them in the right order. Our scrambled words exercises improve kids’ writing skills. Kids will learn how to organise the given jumbled words in a sentence in the correct order and make meaningful sentences. This also helps the kid improve in his or her reading skills. Kids will enjoy the activity by moving the words to the correct places, and also getting the answers corrected at the same time will make it interesting for them to carry on with the exercise. So, observe the words given below. Identify the correct meaningful sentences and rearrange them in the correct order to form the hidden sentences. Enjoy learning making sentences and learn to make sentences to build up your own stories. Have fun by putting the jumbled sentences in the correct order or unscrambling the sentences!

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[{ "question": "I live in a big house" }, { "question": "Emily's cat is very fat" }, { "question": "Rhonda has three big hens" }, { "question": "The girl cried" }, { "question": "The big black dog ran home" }, { "question": "The tree has a star on top" }, { "question": "There are two blue shirts" }, { "question": "I have a dream to be a teacher" }, { "question": "There is a rainbow in the sky" }, { "question": "Birds like to sing loudly" }]