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Desert Peoples Quiz 2

Desert Peoples Quiz 2: Select the matching answer from the list of answers given for each question. You’ll be taken to the next question, once you tick the correct answer.

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{"questionDesription":"Desert Peoples Quiz 2","questions":[{ "ques": "Tick the list of peoples live in the Sahara desert, Red Centre desert and Gobi desert, respectively.", "answers": [{ "opt": "Bedouins, Mongols, Aborigines", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Red Indians, Bedouins, Aborigines", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Bedouins, Aborigines, Mongols", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Mongols, Aborigines, Bedouins", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "ks2/mcq/ayres-rock-australia.jpg" }, { "ques": "Who are Bedouins?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Mongolian people who live in the Gobi desert", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Arabian nomadic people who live in the Syrian, Sahara and Arabian deserts", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Aborigines who live in the Australian deserts", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Any group of people who live in deserts", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Why do Bedouins visit oases?", "answers": [{ "opt": "To exchange things and let camels drink water", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "To mine copper", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "To build houses", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "To do water sports", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "ks2/mcq/desert-oasis.jpg" }, { "ques": "What do Bedouins usually eat and drink?", "answers": [{ "opt": "pizza, pasta, milkshake", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "potatoes, cabbages, milk", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "dates, cake, hot chocolate", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "cheese, dates, camel's milk", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What are Bedouins’ tents made from?", "answers": [{ "opt": "linen or fibre", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "crocodile or tiger skin", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "goat or camel skin", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "canvas or denim", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Why do Bedouins wear long, flowing robes?", "answers": [{ "opt": "because to scare away dangerous animals", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "because they don't like others to see them", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "because it's their tradition", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "because to protect themselves from the heat, cold and wind-blown sand", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What do you see in the picture?", "answers": [{ "opt": "A Mongolian Gers", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "A Bedouin tent", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "A camping tent", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "A playhouse", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "ks2/mcq/bedouin-tent.jpg" }, { "ques": "Tick the list of clothing that matches with the number 1, 2, and 3 respectively.", "answers": [{ "opt": "headgear, blanket, long flowing robes ", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "blanket, headgear, long flowing robes", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "long flowing robes, headgear, blanket", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "headgear, long flowing robes, blanket", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "ks2/mcq/arabic-desert-man-clothing2.jpg" }, { "ques": "What sort of materials do desert peoples use in making their clothes?", "answers": [{ "opt": "camel or goat skins", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "dark coloured denim or cotton fabric", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "light coloured linen or cotton or any breathable fabric", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "light coloured woollen fabric", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What are used in building permanent houses in deserts?", "answers": [{ "opt": "concrete", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "mud bricks", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "cement and sand", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "straw", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Why are desert houses painted white and have thick walls and small windows?", "answers": [{ "opt": "so that, it looks charming", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "to reflect sunlight and to prevent direct sunlight coming into the house", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "because it's a tradition", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "so that, dangerous animals cannot enter the houses easily", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What do you see in the picture?", "answers": [{ "opt": "A Mongolian Gers", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "A Bedouin tent", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "A camping tent", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "A playhouse", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "ks2/mcq/gers.jpg" }]}