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Examples of Proverbs 3

Examples of Proverbs 3. Proverbs are popular, memorable and wise sayings expressed in a brief and effective manner. Proverbs often advice about how to live your life. With Examples of Proverbs 3 lesson, learn the examples of common proverbs and their meanings! Use these famous proverbs in your writing and enhance your writing skills.


Proverb Meaning
A bad workman always blames his tools A person who has done something badly will seek to lay the blame on their equipment rather than admit their own lack of skill
A cat may look at a king Even a person of low status or importance has rights
A drowning man will clutch at a straw When hope of success is fading, people will try anything, no matter how unlikely it is that it will provide a solution
A fool and his money are soon parted A foolish person spends money carelessly and will soon be penniless
A hungry man is an angry man Someone deprived of a basic necessity will not be easily pacified
All’s well that ends well If the outcome of a situation is happy, this compensates for any previous difficulty or unpleasantness
A miss is as good as a mile The fact of failure or escape is not affected by the narrowness of the margin
A stitch in time saves nine If you sort out a problem immediately it may save extra work later
A small leak will sink a ship That even small faults can have very serious consequences if left unattended, just as a small leak will eventually let in so much water
He who laughs last laughs longest Don’t rejoice too soon, in case your delight at your own good fortune is premature
He who pays the piper calls the tune The person who provides the money for something has the right to determine how it’s spent
Charity begins at home A person’s first responsibility is for the needs of their own family and friends
Cut your coat according to your cloth Undertake only what you have the money or ability to do and no more
Empty vessels make most noise Those with least wisdom or knowledge are always the most talkative
Enough is as good as a feast Moderation is more satisfying than excess
Every dog has its day Everyone will have good luck or success at some point in their lives
Faint heart never won fair lady Timidity will prevent you from achieving your objective
Fine feathers make fine birds Beautiful or expensive clothes may make the wearer seem more impressive than is really the case
Fine words butter no parsnips Nothing is achieved by empty promises or flattery
Fire is a good servant and a bad master You must be careful to use fire wisely and under control so that it will not hurt you

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