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Famous English Proverbs Meanings 7

Famous English Proverbs Meanings 7: Learn a list of examples of famous English proverbs by rearranging the jumbled words. Click ‘Examples of Proverbs 4‘ and ‘Proverbs‘ to learn more examples of proverbs and proverb activities.

Famous English Proverbs Meanings 7 – List of proverbs for kids – Famous Proverbs

Famous English Proverbs Meanings 7 includes a list of examples of famous English proverbs in the wrong order and you have to put them in the right order. Practise your knowledge of proverbs by rearranging the jumbled proverbs. Read each clue, to know the proverb hidden in the jumbled words. Enjoy unscrambling proverbs!

{ "questionDesription":"Famous English Proverbs Meanings 7", "questions":[{ "question": "when in Rome, do as the Romans do", "clue": "Clue: When you are in an unfamiliar situation, try to act like the majority of people in that situation." }, { "question": "you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it", "clue": "Clue: You can show people the way to do things, but you can’t force them to act." }, { "question": "beggars can’t be choosers", "clue": "Clue: People with no other options must be content with what is offered." }, { "question": "good wines need no bush", "clue": "Clue: Something good does not need to be advertised." }, { "question": "it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good", "clue": "Clue: Few things are so bad that no one profits from them." }, { "question": "let not the pot call the kettle black", "clue": "Clue: People should not criticize someone else for a fault that they have themselves." }, { "question": "a tree is known by its fruit", "clue": "Clue: A person’s success is shown by his or her deeds." }, { "question": "when the cat’s away the mice will play", "clue": "Clue: People will naturally take advantage of the absence of someone in authority to do as they like." }, { "question": "a penny saved is a penny earned", "clue": "Clue: It is as useful to save money that you already have as it is to earn more." }, { "question": "time is money", "clue": "Clue: Time is a valuable resource, therefore it’s better to do things as quickly as possible." }]}