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Idioms Quiz 1

Idioms Quiz 1: Tick the correct answer from the choices given to complete each idiom. Click the lesson ‘Idioms Examples – Colloquialisms‘ to find the answers to complete each idiom.

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Idioms Quiz 1 – Idioms Examples – Colloquialisms

Complete each idiom by filling in the correct missing word. Before you attempt to answer our idioms quizzes, you should click to read the lesson ‘Idioms Examples – Colloquialisms‘ to find the answers for the incomplete idioms. Idioms are expressions used in common conversation. An idiom is a combination of words or phrase that is not formal and has a metaphorical meaning than the literal meaning. You can express yourself in an interesting way by using idioms in your day-to-day ordinary conversation. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the following quiz. All what you need to do is to complete each idiom by using a suggested answer. Test your idiom power with our Idioms Quiz 1 and other idioms quizzes and use these famous English idioms in your daily conversations and writings to enhance your speaking and writing skills. Try all our idioms quizzes! Enjoy learning English idioms!

{"questionDesription":"Idioms Quiz 1","questionText":"Tick the correct answer from the choices given to complete each idiom.","questions": [ {"ques":"You're the ........... of my eye.","answers":[ {"opt":"sunshine","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"apple","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"light","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"vision","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/mother-daughter.jpg"}, {"ques":"Be careful! He's a dangerous man. Police has just announced that he's armed to the ...........","answers":[ {"opt":"hands","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"legs","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"teeth","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"mouth","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/thief-armed to the teeth.jpg"}, {"ques":"Don't be a ........... blanket. Let us play peacefully.","answers":[ {"opt":"wet","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"hot","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"soft","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"coarse","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/a wet blanket.jpg"}, {"ques":"My dad has been working all day long. He's ........... beat now.","answers":[ {"opt":"badly","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"harshly","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"rough","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"dead","selected":"false","ans":"true"} ],"img":"/tired-man-dead-beat.jpg"}, {"ques":"Don't let him do the major part of the project. He just fancies playing video games even at the office. He's a dead ........... We can't absolutely count on him.","answers":[ {"opt":"man","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"beat","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"hit","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"mat","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/dead-beat.jpg"}, {"ques":"Don't worry. No one has brought the assignment today. Now we all are in the same ...........","answers":[ {"opt":"ship","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"heaven","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"boat","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"hell","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/child writing.jpg"}, {"ques":"Natalie is extremely ........... away by her wedding. You can't ask her anything now.","answers":[ {"opt":"pulled","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"gone","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"withdrawn","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"carried","selected":"false","ans":"true"} ],"img":"/bride.jpg"}, {"ques":"Ethan is just a ........... off the old block. Both him and his dad look like identical twins.","answers":[ {"opt":"chip","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"peel","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"skin","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"bark","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/twins.jpg"}, {"ques":"The internal revenue service has been auditing him since last week. He's ........... a cloud at the moment.","answers":[ {"opt":"over","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"below","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"above","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"under","selected":"false","ans":"true"} ],"img":"/accusing.jpg"}, {"ques":"Tyler has been down in the ........... for days now. Do you know the reason?","answers":[ {"opt":"eye","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"mouth","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"leg","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"ear","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/a worried man.jpg"} ]}