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Idioms Quiz 8

Idioms Quiz 8: Tick the correct meaning of each idiom. Click the lesson ‘Idioms Examples – Colloquialisms‘ to find the answers to complete each idiom.

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Idioms Quiz 8 – Idioms Examples – Colloquialisms

Select the correct meaning of each idiom. Before you attempt to answer the quiz below, you should click to read the lesson ‘Idioms Examples – Colloquialisms’ to find the answers for the incomplete idioms. Idioms are expressions used in common conversation. An idiom is a combination of words or phrase that is not formal and has a metaphorical meaning than the literal meaning. You can express yourself in an interesting way by using idioms in your day-to-day ordinary conversation. Test your knowledge of idioms with the following quiz. All what you need to do is to complete each idiom by using a suggested answer. Test your idiom power with our Idioms Quiz 8 and use these famous idioms in your daily conversations and writings to enhance your speaking and writing skills. Enjoy learning idioms!

{"questionDesription":"Idioms Quiz 8","questionText":"Select the correct meaning of each idiom.","questions": [ {"ques":"Put one’s best foot forward","answers":[ {"opt":"Take all","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Do best possible","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"Be frightened","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Overdo work","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/Put one’s best foot forward-idioms.jpg"}, {"ques":"Sweep the board","answers":[ {"opt":"Take all","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"Be very despondent","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Depressed","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Do best possible","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/take-all-idioms.jpg"}, {"ques":"Make no bones about it","answers":[ {"opt":"To confess one’s wrongdoings","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Make peace","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Have something to be proud of","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Be plain and outspoken","selected":"false","ans":"true"} ],"img":"/Make-no-bones-about-it-idioms.jpg"}, {"ques":"Burn the candle at both ends","answers":[ {"opt":"Be frightened","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Saying clearly what you think or feel about something","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Overdo work and play","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"Enthusiastic or worried about","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/Burn the candle at both ends-idioms.jpg"}, {"ques":"Have one’s heart in one’s boots","answers":[ {"opt":"Be frightened","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Be very despondent or depressed","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"Try to captivate or attract as a suitor","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Give up the struggle","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/Have-one’s-heart-in-one’s-b.jpg"}, {"ques":"Have one’s heart in one’s mouth","answers":[ {"opt":"Be frightened","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"Be very despondent or depressed","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Be preoccupied or obsessed with an idea","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"To confess one’s wrongdoings","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/Have one’s heart in one’s mouth-idioms.jpg"}, {"ques":"Bury the hatchet","answers":[ {"opt":"To confess one’s wrongdoings","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Try to captivate or attract as a suitor","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"To admit failure or defeat","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Make peace","selected":"false","ans":"true"} ],"img":"/Bury-the-hatchet-idioms.jpg"}, {"ques":"Make a clean breast of","answers":[ {"opt":"Give up the struggle","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"To confess one’s wrongdoings","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"To calculate something","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Make peace","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/Make a clean breast of-idioms.jpg"}, {"ques":"Have a feather in one’s cap","answers":[ {"opt":"Try to captivate or attract as a suitor","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"To toss something ashore","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Await more favourable circumstances","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Have something to be proud of","selected":"false","ans":"true"} ],"img":"/Have a feather in one’s cap-idioms.jpg"}, {"ques":"Set one’s cap at","answers":[ {"opt":"Have something to be proud of","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"Try to captivate or attract as a suitor","selected":"false","ans":"true"}, {"opt":"Give up the struggle","selected":"false","ans":"false"}, {"opt":"To confess one’s wrongdoings","selected":"false","ans":"false"} ],"img":"/Set-one’s-cap-at-idioms.jpg"} ]}