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Idioms Worksheets 1

Idioms Worksheets 1: Fill in the blanks using the correct idiom given in the brackets and complete the sentences.

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Idioms Worksheets 1 – Idioms Examples – Colloquialisms

Complete each idiom by filling in the correct missing word. Before you begin to answer the worksheet below, you should click to read the lesson ‘Idioms Examples – Colloquialisms‘ to find the answers for the incomplete idioms. Idioms are expressions used in common conversation. An idiom is a combination of words or phrase that is not formal and has a metaphorical meaning than the literal meaning. You can express yourself in an interesting way by using idioms in your day-to-day ordinary conversation. Test your knowledge of idioms with the following quiz. All what you need to do is to complete each idiom by using a suggested answer. Test your idiom power and use these famous idioms in your daily conversations and writings to enhance your speaking and writing skills. Enjoy learning idioms!

{ "temp1settings": [{ "qtextcolor": "#000", "questiontype": "engsentence-1", "questioncolumns": "1" }], "temp1Description": [{ "questiondescription": "Fill in the blanks to complete each idiom." }], "temp1Questions": [{ "textbefore": "Nicola has been out of ", "answer": "sorts", "textafter": "since yesterday.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"money,sorts,memory,work" }, { "textbefore": "I like Christopher's new article. It's on the ", "answer": "level", "textafter": ".", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"top,truth,level,way" }, { "textbefore": "I wonder why Clare is so stuck-", "answer": "up", "textafter": ". She has nothing with her to be like that.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"up,on,in,off" }, { "textbefore": "Don't do that! It's very risky. You're just showing how ", "answer": "thick", "textafter": "in the head you are, not how brave you are.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"strong,big,weak,thick" }, { "textbefore": "Jennifer was ", "answer": "beside", "textafter": "herself when her best friend blocked her from facebook.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"beside,beyond,beneath,behind" }, { "textbefore": "Steven looks ", "answer": "heavy", "textafter": "-eyed. Don't you think you should give him a break now.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"light,heavy,sparkly,tired" }, { "textbefore": "We can start the journey once the captain orders to ", "answer": "weigh", "textafter": "anchor.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"take,get,weigh,lift" }, { "textbefore": "Most people use social media to keep up ", "answer": "appearances", "textafter": ", so that they can hide their true situations.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"friends,world,trends,appearances" }, { "textbefore": "I have a bee in my ", "answer": "bonnet", "textafter": "about the stain in my new dress, which I have to wear tonight for the prom.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"bonnet,head,neck,hand" }, { "textbefore": "Put your best ", "answer": "foot", "textafter": "forward and get through your final exams.", "isDropDown":"true", "answerList":"hand,leg,foot,answer" } ]}