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Jumbled Sentences Exercise 1

Jumbled Sentences Exercise 1: Make meaningful sentences by rearranging the jumbled words.

Jumbled Sentences Exercise 1

This jumbled words activity includes words in the wrong order and kids have to put them in the right order. Our scrambled words exercises improve kids’ writing skills. Kids will learn how to organise the given jumbled words in a sentence in the correct order and make meaningful sentences. This also helps the kid improve in his or her reading skills. Kids will enjoy the word scramble activity by moving the words to the correct places, and also getting the answers corrected at the same time will make it interesting for them to carry on with the exercise. Enjoy making sentences with jumbled words!

Need to unscramble the words in jumbled sentences to make meaningful sentences? Our rearranging jumbled words activities will help you in practising, how to sort out the words in jumbled sentences by putting them in the right order in order to get the meaningful sentences. Try all our rearranging jumbled words activities and be proficient in unscrambling and making meaningful sentences.

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[{ "question": "Jamie left the keys on the kitchen table" }, { "question": "There is a chandelier hanging above the table" }, { "question": "You must fix the machine according to the instructions" }, { "question": "Billy is dreaming about becoming a famous singer one day" }, { "question": "The dog jumped into the pond" }, { "question": "We drove along admiring the view around us" }, { "question": "Adam was crawling around the mulberry bush" }, { "question": "Christopher is always late to school" }, { "question": "Martha is the new student from Scotland" }, { "question": "Children should not run in the classroom" } ]