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Kindergarten 2D Shapes Activities 1

Kindergarten 2D Shapes Activities 1: Identify the correct 2D shapes and pick up the correct answer from the brackets.

Kindergarten 2D Shapes Activities 1

Read the questions. Identify the correct 2D shapes and drag and drop the correct answer from the shapes listed on the top. Hit ‘Check Answers’ button to correct your answers.

2D shapes includes circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons etc. 2D shapes have no thickness. They have a length and a width. 2D shapes can be regular or irregular. A regular shape has all sides and angles equal length and size. We also call these regular polygons. An irregular polygon has some sides and angles of different lengths and sizes. We also call these irregular polygons. A plane 2D shape with straight sides is called a polygon. As mentioned before, to be a polygon all the sides and angles must be the same. Now enjoy your activity!

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{ "temp1settings": [{ "qtextcolor": "#000", "questiontype": "tempshapesdrag", "qanscombination": "T1", "qimagename": "", "questioncolumns": "2", "topanstype": "img" }], "temp1Description": [{ "questiondescription": "" }], "temp1TopAnswers": [{ "img": "/shapes/triangle-2.png", "imgalt": "Kindergarten 3D shape hexagon, answer one" }, { "img": "/shapes/square-2.png", "imgalt": "Kindergarten 3D shape octagon, answer two" }, { "img": "/shapes/circle-2.png", "imgalt": "Kindergarten 3D shape pentagon, answer three" }, { "img": "/shapes/rectangle-2.png", "imgalt": "Kindergarten 3D shape heptagon, answer four" }, { "img": "/shapes/oval-2.png", "imgalt": "Kindergarten 3D shape crescent, answer five" } ], "temp1Questions": [{ "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/triangle.mp3", "audiotext": "Triangle", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q1drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/triangle.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/square.mp3", "audiotext": "Square", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q2drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/square.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/rectangle.mp3", "audiotext": "Rectangle", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q3drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/rectangle.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/oval.mp3", "audiotext": "Oval", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q4drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/oval.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/circle.mp3", "audiotext": "Circle", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q5drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/circle.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/which-shap-has-4-equal-sides.mp3", "audiotext": "Which shape has 4 equal sides?", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q6drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/square.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/which-shape-look-like-oval.mp3", "audiotext": "Which shape looks like an egg?", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q7drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/oval.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/which-shape-looks-like-face.mp3", "audiotext": "Which shape looks like your face?", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q8drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/circle.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/which-shape-looks-like-brick.mp3", "audiotext": "Which shape looks like a brick?", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q9drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/rectangle.mp3", "textafter": "" }, { "audio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/which-shape-has -three-sides.mp3", "audiotext": "Which shape has only three sides?", "textbefore": "[i class='fa-3x']=[/i]", "answer": "q10drc", "answeraudio": "music/kindergarten/shapes/triangle.mp3", "textafter": "" } ]}