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Kindergarten Spelling Words List 4

Kindergarten Spelling Words List 4: Identify the meaningful word hidden in the jumbled letters. Put the letters in the right order to unscramble the word. The word which you have to unscramble is hidden in the sentence given in the clue.

Kindergarten Spelling Words List 4

Our kindergarten spelling words lists help kindergarten children practice elementary level spelling words which are essential in early reading. Rearranging the letters in the correct order helps children practice their spelling work with a great interest. Enjoy our free online spelling practice and have more fun with learning spelling words!

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[{ "question": "d o w n", "clue": "Clue: She lives down the street.", "img":"town-houses.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 1" }, { "question": "l i t t l e", "clue": "Clue: Little miss Muffet sat on a tuffet.", "img":"girl-sitting-on-grass.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 2" }, { "question": "n e x t", "clue": "Clue: I will come with you next time.", "img":"going-on-holiday.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 3" }, { "question": "t h i n k", "clue": "Clue: Think before you leap.", "img":"thinking.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 4" }, { "question": "o p e n", "clue": "Clue: We never open that door.", "img":"door.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 5" }, { "question": "g r o w", "clue": "Clue: My parents love to grow plants.", "img":"plants-in-pots.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 6" }, { "question": "w a l k", "clue": "Clue: We walk to school everyday.", "img":"school.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 7" }, { "question": "p l a y", "clue": "Clue: They like to play with me.", "img":"kids-playing.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 8" }, { "question": "s p e l l", "clue": "Clue: Can you spell this word, please?", "img":"teacher-child.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 9" }, { "question": "c a l l", "clue": "Clue: I must call her now.", "img":"man-on-phone.jpg","imgalter":"Kindergarten spelling words list 10" }]