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Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets: Let’s learn subtraction! Subtraction means to take away. If two numbers are given to subtract, take away the smaller number from the bigger number. Put the bigger number up on your fingers. Next take away the number of fingers which is the second number. Now, how many numbers are left? This is your answer.

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[{"question":[{ "ones":"8"}, {"ones":"2"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"6"}, {"ones":"4"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"8"}, {"ones":"8"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"9"}, {"ones":"1"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"4"}, {"ones":"3"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"9"}, {"ones":"7"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"7"}, {"ones":"3"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"4"}, {"ones":"2"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"8"}, {"ones":"4"}]}, {"question":[{ "ones":"5"}, {"ones":"3"} ]}]