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Making 15 Addition Worksheets

Making 15 Addition Worksheets: How many more to make 15? Find the missing number that makes 15 with the given number.

Making 15 Addition Worksheets

Learn the number bonds or the addends which make 15. How many can you put into pairs that add to 15? Know how to break up number 15 into two smaller numbers which are number pairs. Learning number pairs that add together to make 15 is a fundamental math skill for first grade. These online worksheets are ideal for basic addition practice through number pairs and develop kids’ speed and accuracy of basic adding skills.

Making 15 Addition Worksheets: Hit the ‘Check Your Answers’ button at the end to correct each answer of your making 15 online addition practice. These online addition flashcards worksheets are for learning basic 1st grade addition facts with number bonds or number pairs and to improve speed and accuracy of basic 1st grade addition skills. Enjoy learning the ways of making number pairs to make numbers with our online addition flashcards worksheets! Click the links below to enjoy more 1st grade number bonds activities and 1st grade addition activities.

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{ "Questions": [{ "qnumber": "1", "var1": "7", "var2": "8", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "IVA" }, { "qnumber": "2", "var1": "8", "var2": "7", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "IVA" }, { "qnumber": "3", "var1": "9", "var2": "6", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "VIA" }, { "qnumber": "4", "var1": "10", "var2": "5", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "VIA" },{ "qnumber": "5", "var1": "11", "var2": "4", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "IVA" },{ "qnumber": "6", "var1": "12", "var2": "3", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "IVA" },{ "qnumber": "7", "var1": "13", "var2": "2", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "VIA" },{ "qnumber": "8", "var1": "14", "var2": "1", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "VIA" },{ "qnumber": "9", "var1": "15", "var2": "0", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "IVA" },{ "qnumber": "10", "var1": "0", "var2": "15", "operator": "+", "answer": "15", "template": "IVA" }]}