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Making 5 Addition Worksheets

Making 5 Addition Worksheets: How many more to make 5? Find the missing number that makes 5 with the given number.

Making 5 Addition Worksheets

Online addition practice for learning number pairs or number bonds with addition flashcards. Online addition flashcards to learn number bonds or number pairs of Making 5 is an ideal kindergarten online addition practice worksheet to develop basic addition skills. Try this online addition practice to learn all the addition facts to make 5. These online addition flashcards teach basic addition facts which are all the combinations of 1-digit numbers that add up to 5. Help your kid try this online kindergarten addition practice to develop his or her knowledge in making number pairs or number bonds to make 5 by using addition facts. Enjoy this fun kindergarten online addition practice activity for finding missing numbers to make number pairs.

Making 5 Addition Worksheets – Addition flashcards activity: Hit the ‘Check Your Answers’ button at the end to correct each answer of your making 5 online addition practice. These online addition flashcards worksheets are for learning basic kindergarten addition facts with number bonds or number pairs and to improve speed and accuracy of basic kindergarten addition skills. Enjoy learning the ways of making number pairs to make numbers with our online addition flashcards worksheets!

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{ "Questions": [{ "qnumber": "1", "var1": "1", "var2": "4", "operator": "+", "answer": "5", "template": "IVA" }, { "qnumber": "2", "var1": "2", "var2": "3", "operator": "+", "answer": "5", "template": "VIA" }, { "qnumber": "3", "var1": "3", "var2": "2", "operator": "+", "answer": "5", "template": "VIA" }, { "qnumber": "4", "var1": "4", "var2": "1", "operator": "+", "answer": "5", "template": "IVA" }, { "qnumber": "5", "var1": "5", "var2": "0", "operator": "+", "answer": "5", "template": "IVA" }, { "qnumber": "6", "var1": "0", "var2": "5", "operator": "+", "answer": "5", "template": "IVA" }]}