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Multiplication Word Problems 1

Multiplication Word Problems 1: Read the following multiplication word problems carefully and find the answers. The below-mentioned rules will help you solve the multiplication word problems. Please use the lowercase ‘x’ as the operator of the multiplication. Get more practice in multiplication. Enjoy your multiplication word problems worksheet!

Word Problem Rules:

1. Find the facts.
2. Find the question.


Chris has 4 bags of mandarins. In each bag there are 8 mandarins. How many mandarins are there in all?


Julia has 3 bags of pears. In each bag there are 7 pears. How many pears are there altogether?


There are 5 boys. Each boy has 4 dinky cars. How many dinky cars are there in all?


There are 5 fish tanks with guppies in an aquarium. If there are 9 guppies in each fish tank, how many guppies are there altogether?


Andrew has 4 packets of chocolate fingers. Each packet has 7 chocolate fingers in it. How many chocolate fingers are there in all?