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Numbers Before Activities 2

Numbers Before Activities 2: Find the number before the given number. Then drag the correct number box and drop it into the answer box in order to fill in the missing number.

Numbers Before Activities 2

Counting before and after in math improves the child’s counting skills. In this kindergarten numeracy skills activities kids will learn to find the before and after numbers in math. Number counting is one of the basic math skills that will help your child to recognize the order of the numbers. Try all our numbers before, after and between activities.

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{ "answers": ["11","12","13","14","15","16","17","19","18","20"], "backgroundClass":"frame", "columns":"2","type":"FB", "questions": [{ "answer": "12", "audio": "/music/numbers/twelve.mp3", "lettersafter": ["13"] }, { "answer": "11", "audio": "/music/numbers/eleven.mp3", "lettersafter": ["12"] }, { "answer": "13", "audio": "/music/numbers/thirteen.mp3", "lettersafter": ["14"] }, { "answer": "15", "audio": "/music/numbers/fifteen.mp3", "lettersafter": ["16"] }, { "answer": "19", "audio": "/music/numbers/nineteen.mp3", "lettersafter": ["20"] }, { "answer": "16", "audio": "/music/numbers/sixteen.mp3", "lettersafter": ["17"] }, { "answer": "18", "audio": "/music/numbers/eighteen.mp3", "lettersafter": ["19"] }, { "answer": "20", "audio": "/music/numbers/twenty.mp3", "lettersafter": ["21"] }, { "answer": "14", "audio": "/music/numbers/fourteen.mp3", "lettersafter": ["15"] }, { "answer": "17", "audio": "/music/numbers/seventeen.mp3", "lettersafter": ["18"] } ]}