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Prepositions English Grammar Activity 4

Prepositions English Grammar Activity 4

This activity is for you to find the correct answer from the given list of prepositions to make meaningful sentences. Click the check answers button at the end to correct your answers.

{ "temp1Questions": [{ "textbefore": "The whole class is coming to the party ", "answer": "apart from", "textafter": "[b][i](out of / about / apart from / for)[/b][/i] the twins, Lillian and Gillian." },{ "textbefore": "Christopher is always late ", "answer": "to", "textafter": "[b][i](for / in / to / at)[/b][/i] school so, he misses the first session of the Grammar class everyday." },{ "textbefore": "Martha is the new student ", "answer": "from", "textafter": "[b][i](from / at / of / on)[/b][/i] Scotland in my piano class." },{ "textbefore": "Look ", "answer": "at", "textafter": "[b][i](on / at / of / from)[/b][/i] the beautiful valleys!" },{ "textbefore": "What is this called ", "answer": "in", "textafter": "[b][i](in / on / from / with)[/b][/i] your language?" },{ "textbefore": "Nathan is standing ", "answer": "in front of", "textafter": "[b][i](front / in / in front of / out)[/b][/i] the school gate." }] }