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Present Simple Negative Exercise 2

Present Simple Negative Exercise 2: Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct negative form. Click the ‘Check Answers’ button at the end to correct your answers.

Present Simple Negative Exercise 2

Present Simple or Simple Present Tense is used a lot in English. It can also be two types; Present Simple Positive and Present Simple Negative. Present Simple Positive is used in normal sentences with ‘do’ or ‘does’. Present Simple Negative is used in sentences along with ‘not’.

We use the present simple to talk about the situations in general. It might not happen at the time of speaking, but it happens regularly or in the day-to-day routine. This is because you do this action regularly everyday.The Present Simple is formed from a noun OR a 1st, 2nd or 3rd person pronoun together with the base form of a verb. Also remember, if the noun or the pronoun is singular, it adds an ‘-s’ to the verb (e.g – drink => drinks). We use present simple tense when you talk about something that happens regularly, something that happens sometimes / often / always / again and again, something that never happens, something that is a true fact, something that is fixed in the future.

Present Simple Positive form: She likes to drink milk.

Present Simple Negative form: She doesn’t like to drink milk.

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