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Rosedale Abbey Village

The lesson, Rosedale Abbey village shows you how a small village grows step by step.


Why do you think Rosedale Abbey village grew up where it did?

Rosedale Abbey village grew up in its place because, it lies in the valley of River Severn and surrounded by a moorland (upland, highland or high ground) and forests.


What was the main occupation of the people in Rosedale until the 13th century?



What is an ‘abbey’?

An abbey is a church with a monastery (where monks live) or convent.


When was an abbey built in Rosedale?

In the 12th century


What were found in the surrounding hills of Rosedale Abbey in the 13th century?

Rich deposits of iron ore


Who produced small quantities of iron first in Rosedale Abbey?

Monks from a near by monastery


Mining iron ore in Rosedale Abbey


When did people begin to mine large quantities of the iron ore around Rosedale Abbey?

In 1855


What were the features which made Rosedale Abbey a village?


1) The growth of population.

2) Many other people traveled in each day from the surrounding villages to work at the ironworks.

3) Some people lodged in local houses and work at the ironworks.

4) A huge furnace (heater) to treat the iron ore was built on a hill above the village.

5) People used wagons and horses to transport the ore.

6) Railways were built to take the iron ore to where it was changed into iron.

7) The industry of iron ore was well developed in Rosedale Abbey.

8) New cottages were built for the growing population of workers.


The declining village

Declining – go down in value


How did the value of the industry of iron ore in Rosedale Abbey go down?

After the First World War, the demand for iron grew less. The mines and railways closed in the 1920s.

Rosedale Abbey today


What is the population in Rosedale Abbey today?

It has a population of about 300.


What are the things that can be seen in Rosedale Abbey today?

  • A primary school
  • Two hotels
  • A church
  • Houses and cottages
  • Shops and groceries
  • Farms
  • Caravans and campsites
  • Ruins (remains) of old Rosedale Abbey village


What are the ruins or remains that can be seen in Rosedale Abbey?

  • Traces of the kilns, mineshafts, waste tips
  • Abandoned railway tracks on the hillside
  • Few workers’ cottages


How do the people in Rosedale Abbey earn their living today?

  • By sheep farming
  • By forestry (The way of planting and caring for forests and growing timber)
  • By giving lodging and food to the tourists who visit the area.

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