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Subtraction Word Problems Activity 2

Subtraction Word Problems Activity 2: Read the following subtraction word problems carefully and find the answers. Improve your problem solving skills in subtraction with this exercise. Also try other word problem worksheets to get more practice in subtraction word problems. Go through the below-mentioned rules well, so that it will help you to solve the subtraction word problems step by step. Enjoy your subtraction word problems worksheet and happy subtracting!

Word Problem Rules:


Ben has 6 sweets. Billy has 2 sweets fewer than Ben. How many sweets does Billy have?

- =

Natalie had 7 lollipops. She gave 2 lollipops to Brad. How many lollipops does she have now?

- =

Karen has 12 stamps. 5 of them are used and the rest is new. How many new stamps does she have?

- =

Jonathan has 10 picture postcards. 2 of them are big and the rest is small. How many small picture postcards does she have?

- =

Alvin bought 13 toffees. He ate 9 of them. How many toffees are left?

- =