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The Changing Seasons

Earth’s yearly orbit (path)


Changing Seasons occur because Earth travels around (orbits) the Sun once each year. As Earth travels, different parts of the planet, tilt toward the Sun. This affects the amount of light and heat, different parts of Earth receive.

the changing seasons diagram How do seasons occur on Earth?


How changing seasons occur?


We have changing seasons because Earth is tilted.



The Tilted Earth


Earth is tilted on its axis as it orbits (travels around) around the Sun. The axis is the imaginary line that runs between the North Pole and the South Pole. Earth rotates around this axis. The above picture shows the correct way of Earth’s orbit.


Some deciduous trees change their appearances in different seasons. Look at the following tree and see what changes have taken place in its appearance in the four seasons.


the changing seasons a tree in different seasons

This tree changes its appearance in the four seasons


June, July, August


the changing seasons summer diagram

June, July, August
Northern Hemisphere: Summer
Southern Hemisphere: Winter


the changing seasons tree in winter

A tree in Winter
Location: Australia, Southern hemisphere


September, October, November


the changing seasons autumn diagram

September, October, November
Northern Hemisphere: Autumn
Southern Hemisphere: Spring


the changing seasons tree in spring

A tree in Springtime
Location: Australia, Southern hemisphere


December, January, February


the changing seasons winter diagram

December, January, February
Northern Hemisphere: Winter
Southern Hemisphere: Summer


the changing seasons tree in summer

A tree in Summer
Location: Australia, Southern hemisphere


March, April, May


the changing seasons spring diagram

March, April, May
Northern Hemisphere: Spring
Southern Hemisphere: Autumn


the changing seasons tree in autumn

A tree in Autumn
Location: Australia, Southern hemisphere