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Unwanted Sounds

What is noise pollution?


Noise is unpleasant or unwanted sound. Noise is a kind of pollution which we call noise pollution. It is also called sound pollution. Too much of noise can make people ill.


What is meant by ‘pollution’?


When substances such as air, water or the soil are spoiled or made dirty by people, pollution takes place.


How we hear


What are the parts of our ear?


  • Outer ear
  • Ear canal
  • Eardrum 
  • The three tiny bones
  • A Tube shaped like a snail shell


How do the sound vibrations travel through your ear?


Sound enters through the outer ear. Then passes Through ear canal. Then the eardrum vibrates. Next it passes the three tiny ear bones and the tube shaped like a snail shell. Then through nerve cells goes up to the Brain.


Controlling noise


Can noises damage our ears?


Yes. All the parts of our ears are very delicate and easily damaged.


E.g. – An eardrum is as thin as tissue paper and easily broken. Very loud noises can damage our eardrums.


How to protect our ears from loud noises?


People who work in noisy places or use noisy machines have to wear ear defenders to protect their ears.


What do the ear defenders do?


Ear defenders muffle the sound so that loud noise cannot reach the eardrums.