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How a village grows Quiz 1

How a village grows Quiz 1: Tick the box with the correct answer. (Go to How a village grows lesson for answers)

{"questionDesription":"How a village grows Quiz 1","questions":[{ "ques": "Where is Bradford located?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Bedfordshire, East England", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "West Yorkshire, Northern England", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Sussex, South East England", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ] }, { "ques": "Who were Saxons?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Norse seafarers who raided and traded from their Scandinavian homelands", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "indigenous Romano-British populations", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "members of Germanic people who conquered England", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ] }, { "ques": "What was Bradford called in Saxson times?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Broad Ford", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Ox Ford", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Bed Ford", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ] }, { "ques": "When had Bradford grown into a small town?", "answers": [{ "opt": "In the Renaissance", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "In the Late Middle Ages", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "In the Middle Ages", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ] }, { "ques": "When did Bradford become a city?", "answers": [{ "opt": "1797", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "1897", "selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "1687", "selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ] }]}