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Addition Word Problems Activity 1

Addition Word Problems Activity 1: Read the following addition word problems carefully and find the answers. Improve your problem solving skills in addition with this exercise. Also try other word problem worksheets to get more practice in addition word problems. Go through the below-mentioned rules well, so that it will help you to solve the addition word problems step by step. Enjoy your addition word problems worksheet and happy adding!

Word Problem Rules:


7 girls came to Tilly's birthday party. 8 boys came too. How many children came to the party in all?

+ =

Dad took 8 pictures. Mum took 5 pictures. How many pictures did they take altogether?

+ =

Jane bought 7 purple party hats and 4 pink party hats. How many party hats did she buy in all?

+ =

7 girls had strawberry cupcakes. 9 girls had chocolate cupcakes. How many cupcakes did they have altogether?

+ =

Zen blew up 3 green balloons and 10 red balloons. How many balloons did he blow up in all?

+ =