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Addition Word Problems – Activity 2

Read the word problems and find the answers.The following rules will help you solve the
word problems.

Word Problem Rules:


A packet of carrots weighs 3 kg. A packet of potatoes weighs 7 kg more than the packet of carrots.

(a) What is the weight of the packet of potatoes?

kg + kg = kg

(b) What is the total weight of both packet of carrots and potatoes?

kg + kg = kg

Zac has 5 gum balls. Jane has 6 more gum balls than Jane.

(a) How many gum balls does Jane have?

+ =

(b) How many gum balls do they have altogether?

+ =

Jim donated 4 story books to the library. Lauren donated 8 more story books than Jim.

(a) How many story books did Lauren donate to the library?

+ =

(b) How many story books did the library get in all?

+ =

Sarah has 11 seashells. Ben has 9 more seashells than Sarah.

(a) How many seashells does Ben have?

+ =

(b) How many seashells do they have in all?

+ =

There are 3 red pens in a packet of ballpoint pens. Number of red pens in the packet is 3 less than the number of blue pens.

(a) How many blue pens are there in the packet?

+ =

(b) How many pens are there in the packet altogether?

+ =