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Year 2 Numeracy Skills

This section contains Year 2 Maths worksheets, activities and lessons. Enjoy our numerous lessons and activities designed in accordance with the Year 2 math lessons. We have lists of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division activities. Also, Mixed Operations, Counting Numbers, Number Patterns, Ordering Numbers, Word Problems and so forth.

Year 2 Addition

Our Year 2 Addition worksheets/activities contain many addition practice activities where it asks the child to find the missing sum or addends. Children can earn a lot of practice by working out these sums. Get more addition practice with all our addition activities.

Year 2 Counting Numbers

The K8 School Year 2 Counting Numbers activities include exercises to identify numbers from two-digit to three-digit. Activities are voice aided so that children can listen to the number and match it with the correct number in writing.

Year 2 Division

Our Year 2 Division section contains activities to find the quotient, divisor or the dividend. Division activities are available from Dividing by 6 to 12. If you wish, you can get the help of our Multiplication Tables charts in the Year 2 Multiplication Lessons section.

Year 2 Mixed Operations

The section Year 2 Mixed Operations consists of activities with Mixed Operations with all four operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Get your answers corrected at the end of each activity. Activities are available to print.

Year 2 Multiplication

The K8 School Year 2 Multiplication activities based on 6-9 times tables multiplication and advancing up to 2-digit number multiplication. Enjoy learning multiplication with our Year 2 Multiplication Activities.

Year 2 Number Patterns

Year 2 Number Patterns activities have interactive exercises to find the missing numbers. It contains activities like skip counting, number sequences, number puzzles and and so on. Enjoy your Year 2 Number Patterns Activities!

Year 2 Ordering Numbers

The K8 School Year 2 Ordering Numbers activities are ideal to improve numeracy skills in ordering numbers consistent with different number sequences. Activities are given in ordering numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least.

Year 2 Subtraction

Our Year 2 Subtraction activities hold subtraction concepts such as regrouping, column and horizontal subtractions etc. These activities provide math help to visually grab the concepts so that the child can easily understand the borrowing method in subtraction.

Year 2 Time

This section allows the child to learn 12-Hour clock time and 24-Hour clock time. Our Year 2 Time Activities include the time conversions of 12-Hour clock time into 24-Hour clock time and 24-Hour clock time into 12-Hour clock time.

Year 2 Word Problems

Enjoy our Year 2 Word Problem activities which make improvements in your child's basic problem solving skills in numeracy through a number of mathematical problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Year 2 Addition Lessons

Our Year 2 Addition lessons guide children in doing various Addition activities such as regrouping of addition which is also called the carrying method of addition and so forth. Also these Lessons teach the concepts and methods to do different Addition tasks.

Year 2 Multiplication Lessons

The K8 School Year 2 Multiplication lessons show children the ways to do different Multiplication tasks. This includes Multiplication Tables charts and other Multiplication lessons which teach the concepts and methods of doing Multiplication operations.

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