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Division Word Problems Activity 2

Division Word Problems Activity 2: Read each problem and find the answer. Click ‘Read More’ button to see what rules will help you solve word problems.

Division Word Problems Activity 2

Use the following word problem rules in the questions.

Word Problem Rules:

1. Find the facts

2. Find the question

3. Find the key words

4. Decide what to do; +,- or x

Use the following signs in your keyboard as the operators.

Word Problem Rules:

Addition: +

Subtraction: –

Multiplication: x

Division: /

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David divided his 20 toy cars equally and put each equal share into 2 boxes. How many toy cars ae there in each box?


Susan shared 36 bookmarks with another 3 of her friends. Each of them got the same number of boolmarks. How many bookmarks did each get?


Mum divided 40 candy canes equally among some party bags. Each bag contained 5 candy canes. How many party bags did mum made?


George has 12 puppies. He sold them equally among 4 customers. How many puppies did each customer get?


Gail has 42 t-shirts. He donated them to 6 charitable foundations. If he donated the same number of t-shirts to each foundation, how many t-shirts did each foundation get?