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Division Word Problems – Activity 1

Read each Division Word Problems and find the answer.The following rules will help you solve word

Word Problem Rules:

Use the following signs in your keyboard as the operators.


Danny has 20 stamps. He divided them into 4 groups equally. How many stamps are there in each group?


Alison had 10 cheese sticks. She distributed them among 5 of her students. If each student received the same number of cheese sticks, how many cheese sticks did each student receive?


Shanon and bella equally shared 18 stickers. How many stickers did each friend get?


Mrs. Thomson divided 21 textas equally among Anya, Ilia and Grisha. How many textas did each child get?


There are 28 children in a classroom. They are divided into 7 equal groups. How many children are there in each group?