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Ancient Egypt – Farmers and Food

What were the three seasons for farming in Ancient Egypt?


  • Summer
  • Cultivation
  • Harvest


What happened in each season?


a. Summer  

The Nile flooded the farm land.

b. Cultivation        

1) The land was no longer flooded

2) Farmers ploughed.

3) They sowed seeds.

4) And dug new irrigation canals.


c. Harvest 

1) Farmers collected the harvest (crops).


Ploughs used in ancient Egypt

1) Ploughs were made of wood.

2) They were pulled by oxen.

3) Ploughs were used to turn over the soil ready for the seed to be sown.


How did they use hoes?

1) For breaking up heavy soil

2) For digging


What were the grains grown by ancient Egyptians?


  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Emmer


What is ‘emmer’?

1) Emmer is a kind of grain like wheat and rye.

2) It is used for making bread.


How did ancient Egyptian make bread?

1) The grain (wheat or emmer) was ground into flour.

2) Flour was kneaded (squeezed) with water into a dough to make bread.


What were the foods and drinks eaten and drunk by ancient Egyptians?




Fruits like dates and figsBeer
Meat (Beef, mutton and meat from ducks and geese)Vine


How did they get fish?

Fish was caught in the Nile and pickled and dried in the Sun.