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Carbohydrates Quiz

Carbohydrates Quiz: Tick the correct answers.

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Carbohydrates Quiz

Try this quiz and learn about proteins and minerals in your food.

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{"questionDesription":"Carbohydrates Quiz","questions": [{ "ques": "What are nutrients?", "answers": [{ "opt": "They are some kind of food","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "They reduce nourishment in food","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "They provide nourishment in food","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "None of the above","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What is the role of nutrients in food?", "answers": [{ "opt": "They keep human body healthy","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "They make food tasty","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "They add a nice texture to food","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "All of the above","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "Vegetables should be the largest food group on our plates. This statement is ............", "answers": [{ "opt": "True","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "False","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What is a ‘diet’?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Having a light meal","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Having a heavy meal","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "What we eat and drink","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Having only vegetables","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" }, { "ques": "What is a ‘healthy balanced diet’?", "answers": [{ "opt": "A diet with only vitamins","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "A diet with only carbohydrates","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "A diet with only proteins","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "A mixed diet with several different foods","selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ], "img": "" },{ "ques": "What are ‘energy giving food’?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Food that contain protein","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Food that contain carbohydrates","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Food that contain vitamins","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Food that contain minerals","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" },{ "ques": "Why we call them ‘energy giving food’?", "answers": [{ "opt": "because we need a lot of energy to cook these food","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "because we need a lot of energy to grow these food","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "because our body breaks down these food to give us energy","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "Only (a) and (b) are correct","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" },{ "ques": "What shows the two correct types of carbohydrates?", "answers": [{ "opt": "Simple carbohydrates and sugar","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Complex carbohydrates and starch","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "Sugar and starch","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "None of the above","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" },{ "ques": "Tick the row that includes carbohydrate containing food.", "answers": [{ "opt": "bread, pasta, potatoes, lollies","selected": "false", "ans": "true" }, { "opt": "beans, pasta, white sugar, fish","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "buns, eggs, tomatoes, meat","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "cheese, oranges, biscuits, vegetables","selected": "false", "ans": "false" } ], "img": "" },{ "ques": "We need to eat the same amount of each food group every day.", "answers": [{ "opt": "True","selected": "false", "ans": "false" }, { "opt": "False","selected": "false", "ans": "true" } ], "img": "" } ]}