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Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

There were many Egyptian gods and goddesses worshipped by ancient Egyptians. Many of them had different symbols. These symbols mostly represented animals such as jackals, falcons, cats, crocodiles etc. The figure of the god or goddess was mostly part human and part animal.

Examples of Egyptian gods and goddesses part human and part animal;

  • Anubis (God of tombs and ruler of the underworld) – Human body and head of a jackal
  • Horus (Solar God) – Human body and head of a falcon
  • Ra (Sun God) – Human body and head of a hawk
  • Thoth (God of knowledge, wisdom and hieroglyphs) – Human body and head of a ibis
  • Seth (God of chaos) – Human body and head of a fantastic animal, which was called the Seth animal
  • Sekhmet (Goddess of war) – Body of a woman and the head of a lioness


Egyptian Gods and Goddesses - Horus



Egyptian Gods and Goddesses - Seth


(Courtesy: Pictures scanned from the book ‘Egyptology’)


Why did Ancient Egyptians believe in gods and goddesses?


Ancient Egyptians believed in gods and goddesses, because they believed gods and goddesses looked after them by day.


What did Ancient Egyptians do to make the gods and goddesses listen to them?


1) They prayed to the gods and goddesses in the hope that they would be rewarded.

2) They wrote their prayers down on stones.

3) They made carvings of ears hoping their god would listen.


List of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


Name of the god or goddess

Kind of the god or goddess

Reason to believe the god or goddess

1) ReGod of the SunHe was seen as the creator of all things and the supreme judge.
2) SakhmetLioness headed goddessShe was a war goddess and a supporter of Re.
3) OsirisGod of the underworldHe was also god of the Nile flood and of growing plants.
4) IsisMother goddessShe protected the coffins of people who died and was a mourner (express sadness) at their funerals.
5) BastetCat goddessShe was the daughter of Re, the Sun god. She was a kind and generous protector.
6) AnubisThe god of funerals


Egyptian Gods and Goddesses - Osiris



Egyptian Gods and Goddesses - Isis


(Courtesy: Pictures scanned from the book ‘Egyptology’)

How did Ancient Egyptians give thanks to the gods and goddesses?

1)  They held festivals for the gods and goddesses at different times of the year. These were holidays when people could enjoy themselves.

2)  They wrote their praise to the god or goddess on stones.
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