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Ancient Egypt – People at play

Name three leisure activities done in Ancient Egypt.


1)   Hunting

2)   Playing Senet

3)   Banquets (bangkwits)


Name a scribe who enjoyed hunting in his spare time.




How do we know that the scribe Nebamun enjoyed hunting?


There is a picture in the tomb of Nebamun, showing the scribe Nebamun catching wild birds.


Describe the picture that shows ‘the scribe Nebamun catching wild birds’.


1)   The scribe Nebamun is shown catching wild birds.

2)   He is with his wife and daughter.

3)   In one hand he is holding a throwing stick.

4)   In the other he is holding three herons to help him attract other birds.


What was ‘Senet’?


1) Senet was a most popular board game in Ancient Egypt.

2) The game had a board and some pieces for playing.

3) This game was played by two people.

3) Each player usually had seven pieces.

4) The pieces were kept in the drawers.

3) Senet was similar to the game ‘droughts’.


What is ‘droughts’?


1) A checkerboard game for two players who each have 12 pieces.

2) The object is to jump over and so capture the opponent’s pieces.


Name a queen in Ancient Egypt who enjoyed playing senet.

Queen Nefertari (or Nefertiti)


What is ‘banquet’?


1) It is a ceremonial dinner party or a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed by many people.

2) People at a banquet enjoyed playing musical instruments and dancing.


How do we know that the Ancient Egyptians enjoyed banquets?


Archaeologists have found some wall paintings showing, people enjoying at banquets.