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Life in an Egyptian House

Life in an Egyptian House – Children


a) Playing


1) Children stayed with mothers until they were about four years old.

2) Rich children (children of the pharaohs and other important people) spent their time inside the palace with the women.

3) Other children played close to home to avoid the crocodiles and hippopotamuses that lived in or near the rivers, because many Egyptians lived in houses near rivers.

4) Children had many toys to play.

What were the evidence to tell that the Ancient Egyptian children had toys to play?


Archaeologists have found some Ancient Egyptian toys.


E.g. – 1) A painted wooden toy horse with wheels.

          2) A doll made of wood and clay with a painted face and beads to look like hair.   


b) Learning


1) Children started lessons when they were four years old.

2) In poor families, only boys were allowed to go to school.

3) In rich families, both boys and girls were allowed to have lesson.

4) They had their own teachers.


Ancient Egyptian houses


What were used to build Ancient Egyptian houses?

Mud bricks were used to build Ancient Egyptian houses.


How did Ancient Egyptians make mud bricks?

Ancient Egyptian men made mud bricks by mixing straw with sticky river mud that had dried in the sun.


What was the colour used to paint the houses?

The houses were painted white.


Why the houses were painted white?

Egypt is a very hot country. Ancient Egyptian painted their houses white because white can reflect sunlight and keep inside the houses cool.


What could be seen in a wealthy Ancient Egyptian house?


  • Central hall
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Servants’ rooms
  • Store rooms
  • Family chapel
  • Gardens with flowers and pools


Life in an Egyptian House – Women


a) Cooking


1) Egyptian women were responsible for cooking.

2) They had to bake bread and make beer.

3) They cooked meals outside the house using cone-shaped ovens.


b) Housework


1) All housework was performed by the women in a family.

2) They worked on the flat roof of the house, protected from the sun by a canopy (covering or shade).


Ancient Egyptian clothing


Ancient Egyptian men and women wore simple clothing wrapped around the body.


What were used to make clothes?


1. They used plain linen cloth, which is light and cool to wear.

2. Sometimes rich people wore patterned and coloured clothes with pleats.

3. Wearing jewellery was very popular.

4. Many Egyptians shaved their heads and wore wigs.