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Year 2 Literacy Skills

Our Year 2 Literacy Skills section has Year 2 English school lessons activities worksheets. In this section we cover the skills in grammar, comprehension, spelling and writing. All these in fact, help the child to improve English reading and writing skills. If so, come join us! Let's learn English!

Year 2 Comprehension

Year 2 Comprehension skills activities are ideal to increase your child’s reading and understanding ability. All activities are printable. Practice The K8 School Year 2 literacy skills comprehension activities to improve reading and writing skills.

Year 2 Grammar

The K8 School Year 2 Grammar activities help growing child’s knowledge in English Grammar. This section includes several online grammar activities which give the child the basic understanding of English grammar.

Year 2 Spelling

Our Year 2 Spelling activities contain lessons such as rearranging jumbled letters to make words, word riddles, phonics etc. Kids can enjoy interesting activities with illustrations while learning their spellings.

Year 2 Writing

Year 2 Writing Skills activities contain many rearranging jumbled words activities which support kids developing their ability in making proper sentences. It is interesting to shuffle the given words to make meaningful sentences.

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